Visualizing a Space with Renderings

I've always enjoyed drawing and when I first started studying design at fashion school, I would always have my set of pencils and markers in my bag. My favorite medium back then was markers as I like how, if you blend them just right, you can achieve different textures.

Then as technology took it course, drawing in the computer became very popular for the ability to have design programs create faster illustrations and  make changes quickly.  

No matter the drawing method used there are so many ways we can illustrate a vision for a space.

These visual representations can import you into that space.

When you look at a rendering you can really see a space, you can imagine being inside the room, perhaps sitting in one of the chairs.  

I have always worked through the power of drawings and I have found that this not only help me create a space but it is a great way to give clients a vision.

So next time you can't visualize a space and not clear how it would look. Ask for a drawing, wether is a rendering, floor plan, elevations they are a visual communicator and even a simple image can make a big difference.

Below you can see two of the rooms I rendered.The first is a casual warm living room with wood tones and natural fabrics. The second sketch is of an intimate vibrant blue  color room with black and white furnishing.