Transforming a Room with the Power of Color

Color's power to shape the way we feel about a room is almost magical. Consciously or unconsciously, very often it’s the first thing we notice. Going a step further and using decorative finish adds a whole new dimension. A dry brush can produce a look of raw silk, faux finishes can simulate everything from marble to fine woods and something as simple as an over scaled stencil design to a series of stripes in contrasting colors can fool the eye and create interest.

But of course, faux and decorative have their practical aspects as well. An elaborate color grid distracts the eye, a mottled glazed might camouflage a damage surface and wood graining give inexpensive material a look of something far more precious. But at heart decorative painting is not all about solving problems but about the simple pleasure of creating something beautiful by hand.

Color has the power to add character to a dull space, soften a harsh one, makes a room feel warm or cold intimate expansive. Is by far the most economical way to transform a room. Any successful decorative finish begins with good colors. “Good Color” is highly subjective, but we’ve provided some guidelines to help you arrive at some of your favorites. Then we have gather the best colors that inspired us and have been successful applications on some projects and the most popular from our clients.

In the step by steps, we give instructions tips and specific colors for techniques that are building blocks-used separately or in combination, they will enable you to create a huge array of looks. But, in the end, decorative painting is as much as craft and best mastered by hands on practice. How much color you mix in the glaze or how you apply it to the wall varies from painter to painter and the results vary correspondingly. Sometimes the mistakes turn out to be happy ones. Ultimately, the best approach is to experiment and discover the power of color. We find that our clients love the idea of customized color consultation in which we can really discover the colors that will make your home sing. Please contact us to schedule  a color consultation.