Defining a Client Vision for The Space

Every relationship with our client is individual but there is always a consistency in our work which is open dialog and communication through the process. It is important to see how client live, to know their likes and dislikes, this tell us more about them. The initial meetings are spent defining their dislikes, whether their thought processes are technical or artistic, how they interact with family and friends and the possessions (music, books, art) that surround them. The function and flow of the space plays a big role in creating a design plan.  A understanding and integration of all these factors into  a design determine its success.

We create an environment that is uniquely appropriate for each client. I find in almost all cases that the design process becomes a learning experience for the client; their view is broadened as they are shown new and different solutions from those they are used to. My company is not short of ideas and all of our projects are custom- tailored to our clients.

We believe in the philosophy that each client home should be a representation of their lifestyle and how they want to live. Our goal is to achieve the right formula for each client and always adding special touches so that the space feels authentic to the client personality.