My visit to KBIS ( Kitchen and Bathroom International Show )

On January of this year I had the opportunity to attend the KBIS show in Orlando, Florida. Kitchen and Bathroom International Show.  This was a combination trip of work and family time. I grew up in Orlando and still have family there with a growing young generation. It was wonderful to work hard exploring the offerings, trends and new products many vendors during the show and spend the evenings with my family and the kids. 

The show was held at the Orange county convention center and it covered every inch with products and anything you could possible want when designing a home, kitchen and bathroom. So you can imagine I was in Heaven.

There is much to take away from what was shown but for me it was the variety of cabinets styles beyond the shaker door that has been so popular. In this show the cabinet vendors are using color and texture to stretch our imagination and move us into color.  Navy blues, cobalt blues and grey color were very popular. So get ready to see great color combinations and textures, trims and inserts to dress up your kitchen cabinets doors. In addition what you put inside your cabinets is as important as what they look outside. Many organization inserts and pull out to help you organize inside the cabinets. For upper cabinets imagine pull down shelves so you can get to those very difficult upper cabinets. Pull out pantries and recycle waste pull out are the most popular with many configurations for every kitchen. 

The sink is not just for washing dishes it has become the new prepping surface with multi level surfaces and accessories that will allow you to use as cutting surface, draining and serving.  Check the new The Galley to see versatility it offers. Many other sink manufacturer have jump on board to create similar versions of the The Galley system.  

How about those faucets they have become multi user functions with hot and cold and sparking dispensers available in one faucet eliminating the need to use individual water dispensers is all built into one. 

The farm sink is still very popular and many manufacturer have upgraded it with removal apron, many available colors and textures.  

Some of the features for the bathroom is vanities of every shape and size. Many with clever inside outlets for those blow dryers and electric toothbrushes.  Making the most of small bathroom is important especially in NYC so smaller scale toilets and medicine cabinets that can hold all your toiletries.  As per what to put on the walls every type of tile and combination you could imagine and really cool glass shower doors.