Hello, it's very nice meeting you!

My name is Giselle, and I am the principal interior designer of Giselle Ulmo Design I have been fascinated with creating environments as far as I can remember. Always intrigue with designing spaces where we can feel our best both physically and mentally.

As an industry professional, I understand that our environments have a direct impact on our wellbeing. Inspiring interiors has always been at the forefront of my work but I want to help people on a more personal level with their home and in daily lives. Helping people create a space with purpose and that it will allow them to thrive.

To me, having that knowledge allows me to design spaces with my client wellbeing in mind. My interest intrigues me to learn more about becoming more conscious of the choices and understanding more on how to be impactful. This leads me back to study and to become one of the handfuls of interior designer in New York with a WELL AP accreditation.

For me, my clients are the most important and I want to use my skills and knowledge to help them achieve a home that they have always envisioned. I believe their home should tell their story. I know that I have completed my job when a client is surrounded by the things they love and the spaces is a reflection of their lifestyle. I get great satisfaction seeing my clients happy with the results.  

I have a busy design practice with design projects in New York and throughout the country.  I am happy to say that my work gives me great joy and I consider myself very fortunate to do what I love.



A highly sought after distinction awarded only to those having successfully passed the WELL AP Exam, an assessment based on the expertise of leading practitioners in the field of design, health, and wellness in the built environment. https://www.wellcertified.com   


A community that celebrates and supports like-minded individuals by sharing resources, knowledge, and information to promote well being, design and lifestyle.  https://www.partnersinlivingwell.com


American Society of Interior Design Metro New York Chapter https://www.asid.org/

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